Professional, Multicolour LED Landscaping Garden & Feature Lights  •  100% Waterproof

FloraGlow can turn any garden area, patio or home into an illuminated, aesthetically pleasing outdoor splendor.

Extend the outdoor dining and entertainment area with lights for function and ambience.

Lighting up the garden around a home not only provides a wonderful atmosphere for summer entertaining, it also serves to provide additional security, reducing the number of accidents in a night garden, and even increase the value of a home. Installed garden lighting adds night-time drama to any garden. Whether it is for entertaining or merely a place for relaxation, lighting can be designed to create moods and add a truly desirable ambiance… even during winter months.

LED Lights provide the opportunity to beautify your garden without the high cost of high wattage lights yet still provide ample lighting for your favorite outdoor spot.

Can be used with Insele Home Solar System, saving you the total cost of running your outdoor lights for the cost of sunshine. Get yours now.

Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting


Floraglow Mount And Spike Lights
Floraglow Colours
  • 16V AC Landscaping Lights
  • Power Usage: 3W per Lamp
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Available in 8 Different Colours & RGB (Red, Green & Blue)
  • Available in Spot or Flood
Floraglow Colours
  • For off Grid Installations: Compatible with Insele Home Solar Systems
  • Power Supply: 16V AC Transformer (Swimming Pool Transformer)
  • Available in Spot or Flood
Floraglow Colours
Assembly of Floraglow
Efficient LED Technology
Insele Solar Charger

Available in:  Spot or Floodlight • Garden Spike or Electric conduit wall mount • Black or Pine Green Casing Colours


Floraglow Garden Spike
Floraglow Lights Bundle
Floraglow Wall Mount

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